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GABIT Events Ltd
Who we are, what we do, why we do it.

In September 2002 four fans of Amanda Tapping invested their own personal money and started up a non-profit making company called GABIT Events Limited with the primary objective of bringing Amanda to London for a special event with her very own fans. (GABIT = Get Amanda Back in Town). In October 2005 this dream became reality. Since then GABIT has brought Amanda back together with her fans for a second time in November 2006 at AT2 - the Return, and for a third time with AT3 - Reunion in May 2008, a fourth time in November 2009 at the sold out Event, AT4 – Reflections and in February 2011 at AT5, Reverberation. AT6 Ripples was sold out for November 2012. In addition, GABIT assisted Carmargue Ltd in bringing Amanda and Richard Dean Anderson to the UK the week after AT2, at Avalon 2006 and took the Gabit team to Vancouver in the summer of 2010 to run, with Legends, the first official Sanctuary Event, the Sanctuary Experience and Meet the Man, Richard Dean Anderson's first one man event. These 2 Canadian events raised around $200,000 CA in just two weekends!

In total, GABIT has so far raised in excess of £100,000 for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – that amounts to 11 dogs changing 11 people's lives, £7,200 for Waterkeeper Alliance and over £160,000 for Sanctuary for Kids, just in the UK. That's just shy of a whopping £270,000! And it's what GABIT is all about.

With 10 AT events firmly under their belts the team are heading rapidly to running Inspirations 2022, very likely their last ever event.

Between them, the Directors of GABIT Events, known as the G4, have over 60 collective years of experience in conference and convention organising worldwide.
To compliment their own experience, skills and ethos, the G4 invited selected friends they have made over their years spent in conventions and conferences, and have put together quite simply the best Staff team there is.

The addition of a core team of Stewards and Senior Stewards who are all dedicated and loyal Amanda Tapping fans and great friends of GABIT has made the GABIT family complete. GABIT's ethos is simple. Treat everyone equally and with respect, consideration and compassion. Raise a lot of money for the guest's chosen charity. Limit attendee numbers to ensure a relaxed and intimate feel for both guests and attendees. In effect, ensure that the overriding feeling when everyone leaves is that they've had simply the best weekend of their lives...




Julia Hague - London, UK
Chairman. Guest Services Director.

Julia's speciality is making sure Amanda is looked after 101% from the minute she arrives in the UK, making sure that her welfare and needs are fulfilled throughout her stay and that no detail gets overlooked. Julia describes herself as "a people person" through and through, and while being GABIT'S chairman and at the very heart of Guest Services, she is also responsible for the Press and Public Relations. She's also the one who formulates and then hones the schedule to within an inch of its life and keeps an eye on it during the Event. So if you see her studying a watch in her hand, and “encouraging” Amanda to move along at the Cocktail Party, you'll know why!   Having given up trying to get her off stage on time personally, the AT Events now have the infamous “get offs” where ingenious and hilarious schemes are used to persuade Amanda to leave.
Julia has been a part of the science fiction world since the tender age of 8, and has been a prolific writer since the age of 14. Outside the world of GABIT she is a published author of two books, one for women, You is for Unique which raised money solely for Sanctuary for kids through the 100% of its sales being paid to the charity, and her most recent book for children, teachers and parents - Being Me & Loving It (with Naomi Richards). The book has gone on to be translated into Spanish and was number one on the Amazon charts for bullying.

Julia is currently writing a thriller for an LA agent with the intention of it being made into a TV or film screenplay.

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Becky Preen - Essex, UK
Company Secretary. Operations Director.


Becky is the Director who orchestrates the autograph and photography session and oversees what's going on throughout the Event. It's Becky's job to ensure that whatever is supposed to happen on Julia’s schedule, happens. And she is very good at it! She's also the MC on stage throughout the event.

As GABIT's Company Secretary, Becky also does all the official paperwork and keeps an eye on all things financial.
Best known in the Stargate community for her fantastic quilts, (two appeared in the Stargate SG1 episode "Ascension") which have raised thousands of pounds in various Charity auctions, Becky has also been a science fiction writer for fanzines and the internet. As well as quilts, Becky is responsible for making all the wine-glass charms that attendees receive at the Cocktail party.  Each one unique to the person receiving it!
With tremendous energy and an ability to be just where you need her, at the time you need her, some attendees have wondered if Becky has been cloned! Outside the world of GABIT, Becky enjoys teaching quilting and jewellery making and has set up her own teaching business in Essex.




Picture of Becky



Kay Jacobs - Essex, UK
Registration Director.


Kay is our Registration Director handling all registrations for our Events throughout the year and being in charge of the Registration Desk and team at the Events. With her kindly, easygoing manner Kay soon puts all attendees at their ease the minute they walk up to the Registration desk. Kay cites her most favourite part of the Event organising process as getting to know the attendees as they register and then meeting them face to face at the Event!
A science fiction fan for many years, Kay found that once she started attending conventions the world opened up to her via her many international contacts on the Internet. As Becky's mum she brings to this group a wealth of experience and advice. When you meet her, you'll understand why Kay has earned the understandable title "Hug magnet".





Picture of Kay



John Goode - London, UK
Photography and Technical Director


As well as a member of the G4, John is GABIT's professional photographer for the Event. With his hand picked team, John's cheerful determination to get the right photo, no matter how many shots it takes, and his leisurely and unhurried approach to the photography session has won him a legion of friends among the attendees.
John is an avid photographer. The winner of wildlife photographic competitions, and a favourite with couples at the many weddings he attends professionally, he spends as much of his spare time as he can on photography. Having attended most of the UK Stargate Conventions and many other science fiction conventions throughout the UK over the past 15 years, he has produced stunning informal photographs of both the guests and attendees.
John has friends throughout the Convention World and when you meet him you'll find out why.






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