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6th - 8th April 2018




Charity fund raising events


Amanda Tapping and her fans

"We have always believed that Conventions are about people and nothing else and that the people who attend our Events are as important as the guest they have come to see. From the moment a person registers to the time they leave our Event we ensure that they are treated in the same courteous manner and with the same respect, care and thought as everyone present." The G4.

A very warm welcome to the GABIT Events Ltd website.

GABIT was formed to bring people together in a fun, friendly and stress-free atmosphere to meet someone they admired and wanted to know more about, and to provide a venue where they would make lasting friendships with other like minded people. All this and we wanted to ensure that the guest was comfortable, relaxed and having a good time as well. And so Amanda Tapping and her fans came together for the first time under one roof eleven years ago and the rest is history.
But there is a second element to our Events which we don't want anyone to forget and which is equally as important as the fans meeting with Amanda, and that is the raising of money for some really really worthwhile causes close to Amanda's heart.


Sanctuary for Kids & Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are the recipients of our fundraising at Amanda's AT events and we have raised somewhere in the region of a quarter of a million dollars in our time fundraising with her and her fans. 100% of those funds has gone straight to those charities. Our next Event with Amanda, AT10, will be held on 6th - 8th April 2018 and is sold out.

Whenever we see you, we look forward to it immensely and rest assured that the welcome you will always receive at our events will be warm and from the heart.

Julia, Becky, Kay & John The G4


Gabit Events specialises in events for Amanda Tapping


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